Clinical Areas

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases (ID) represent a major cause of morbidity and death worldwide. The increased incidence of certain ID has resulted in the continuous development of novel molecular diagnostic methods, which result in quicker and more accurate diagnosis of the aetiological agent. These new molecular tests have revolutionised ID testing, delivering improved diagnosis and monitoring of treatment and disease progression.
All assays in the DiaSorin molecular portfolio utilise proprietary Q-LAMP technology, which has been developed by DiaSorin scientists to improve the capability of Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification. The DiaSorin Q-LAMP technology is easy to use, well suited for decentralised testing locations, provides real time results and can be applied to quantitative as well as qualitative applications. Unlike conventional LAMP the DiaSorin Q-LAMP technology can also be used in multiplex applications, allowing amplification and detection of multiple targets in a single reaction.


Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Leukaemia’s demands highly accurate and rapid diagnostics, to be applied in initial diagnosis, prognosis and therapy monitoring.
DiaSorin scientists are harnessing the power of the Q-LAMP isothermal amplification process to deliver rapid diagnostic tests which will aid the physician in clinical decision making. The speed of the LIAISON® Iam analyser, running Q-LAMP assays designed for Onco-hematology, will deliver critical diagnostic information in minutes rather than hours or even days, enabling quicker decisions to be made about treatment algorithms for patients.
Further details on product availability will be available shortly.