Our strategy

DiaSorin became known as the Diagnostic Specialist, as a result of its constant commitment to Research and Development activities aimed at expanding its range of products in the immunodiagnostics market.
Specifically, DiaSorin enjoys a leadership position in infectious diseases diagnosis and in Vitamin D assays, thanks to the launch of a new test considered as the gold standard in microbiology laboratories and based on a fully automated technology.
In the last 10 years, DiaSorin strengthened its commercial presence on a global scale, opening new branches in Brazil, Mexico, China and Australia. Today, DiaSorin is present in more than 80 countries, and is still committed to strengthen its direct presence in all areas with high growth potential.
Recently, the Group performed 3 buyouts and signed development agreements with a number of international companies that enabled DiaSorin to:

  • Increase the number of its specialty tests

  • Improve its production technology

  • Reach new customers

  • Enter new market segments

  • Strengthen its commercial presence



Infectious Diseases

Recognized worldwide as the specialty leader in the area of infectious diseases, the DiaSorin Group is developing new specialty tests combined with the new LIAISON® XL analyzer. In this way, the company will increase its market share in emerging markets and consolidate its competitive position in mature markets.
Particularly in China, where the Group is the only supplier of a test panel dedicated to prenatal screening and has established a joint venture with the Chinese government, becoming a benchmark for Chinese IVD market and a perfect partner to spread prenatal care and maternal fetal screening tests in China, where as a consequence of the “one-child policy”, the health of the mother and baby plays a more and more important role.

In the clinical area of infectious diseases, the new automated LIAISON® XL, a frontliner analyzer created to compete with bigger competitors and integrated into LAS (Laboratory Automation System), has a key role in DiaSorin business strategy.


Hepatitis and Retrovirus

DiaSorin aims at increasing its market share in hepatitis and retrovirus clinical areas, enriching its menu with a complete panel of tests including both routine tests (HIV, HCV and HBV) and specialty tests (HTLV, Chagas) for microbiology laboratories and available on the new LIAISON® XL automated system.

DiaSorin will rely on Murex products, a brand with a strong reputation for quality and reliability in the blood banks market and hepatitis and retrovirus clinical laboratories. Through Murex experience the Group developed tests that use CLIA technology.
DiaSorin leading role in infectious diseases clinical area has contributed to the expansion of its commercial presence: in Europe, over 2,200 laboratories use the Liaison platform.


Endocrinology and Hypertension

DiaSorin aims at having a key role in clinical areas with an impressive demand growth, such as endocrinology and hypertension, where the Group is going to stand out for its specialty tests profitable for physicians, and the high productivity per hour of the new LIAISON® XL. Our Group will provide medium and large-sized laboratories with Aldosterone and Sclerostin specialty tests.

While the Aldosterone assay is essential to differentiate several forms of hypertension, the Sclerostin assay is necessary to differentiate various forms of chronic kidney diseases and both are crucial to determine the most appropriate treatment.
These specialty tests will combine with a broad range of assays in cardiovascular and endocrinology clinical areas, where a large number of tests is performed everyday thanks to the high productivity per hour of the new LIAISON® XL platform.


GI Stool Testing Automation

DiaSorin will pioneer the solution to stool testing, providing microbiology laboratories with a full menu of assays to determine gastrointestinal tract infections on LIAISON® and LIAISON® XL automated platforms. Thanks to DiaSorin assays, microbiology laboratories do not need to use the existing non-automated technologies to analyze stool samples, as this panel covers the entire diagnostic process from the sample collection to the automated diagnosis.
DiaSorin provides laboratories with an innovative receptacle that can be immediately installed on LIAISON® and LIAISON® XL (registered trademark of DiaSorin), where through a centrifuge the next testing will be performed without any operator intervention.



The solution launched by DiaSorin includes also a full menu of tests intended for treatment of gastrointestinal infections.


Molecular Diagnostics

DiaSorin can offer to microbiology laboratories a new line of molecular diagnostic products for the infectious diseases clinical area, to complete its immunodiagnostic product catalogue, and for onco-hematology specialists.
DiaSorin decided to develop a line of molecular diagnostic products that could satisfy microbiology laboratories needs and that could be easy to use and fully automated.
To implement this solution, the Group chose to make use of two technologies: the extraction technology, acquired from NorDiag and capable of working on biological samples of different nature (blood, serum, sputum, stool and urine), and of the amplification technology, licensed from Eiken Chemical Company, called LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) capable of ensuring high sensitivity and sensibility technology, providing quicker results (less than 30 minutes).
LAMP technology is available on LIAISON® IAM closed system, outside the US and Canada only, co-developed with Precision System Science Co. Ltd.

Molecular diagnostic tests DiaSorin offers to microbiology laboratories are intended for the clinical area of infectious diseases, where the Group can boast a 10-year experience, confirming the Group’s high quality.
Onco-hematology specialists as well make use of DiaSorin’s products, as an early and reliable diagnosis is essential to treat promptly and successfully the disease.