DiaSorin launches measles IgM and mumps IgM assays (available outside the US and Canada only)


DiaSorin S.p.A. is pleased to announce the launch on its LIAISON® platforms of the Measles IgM and Mumps IgM assays.
These assays use chemiluminescence immunoassay technology on the LIAISON® analyzer for the qualitative determination of IgM antibodies to measles and mumps viruses in human serum or plasma.
The introduction of these two new DiaSorin assays provide the first and only fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassays for measles IgM and mumps IgM in the diagnostic market.
Measles and mumps infections remain one of the leading causes of childhood  morbidity and mortality in developing countries and are still a major public health concern in developed countries, despite the implementation of vaccine regimens.
In fact indigenous mumps and measles virus have not disappeared from all countries that have introduced routine mumps and measles vaccines, but they have made a comeback with numerous outbreaks, with thousands of reported cases, both in Europe and United States.
Because of this resurgence and the complications which often occur with these viral infections, measles and mumps diagnostic serology is of fundamental importance in confirming clinical cases or contacts with the viruses, as a prompt diagnosis early in the illness is required.  
Measles and Mumps are part of a panel of Infectious Disease assays which are used for pre and post natal diagnosis of infections, as well as for post vaccination immunity status.
The total worldwide market for this panel, for which DiaSorin is leader in Europe and in some emerging markets like China, is estimated to exceed € 850 million.
Mr. Carlo Rosa, Chief Executive Officer of DiaSorin Group, commented: “I’m really proud to announce the launch of the first fully automated assays in the entire diagnostic market for the detection of Measles and Mumps on our LIAISON® instruments. The launch of these 2 new products today continues to be the proof that DiaSorin is an innovating company able to address relevant markets by launching tests still not developed by our competitors. Measles and Mumps IgM assays, combined with our current broad offer into the infectious diseases market, provides to me, once more, the confidence in achieving the important targets on Infectious Disease Testing set by DiaSorin for the forthcoming years”.