Molecular Systems

At the heart of the business is our proprietary DiaSorin Q-LAMP, isothermal amplification technology. This technology has been developed by DiaSorin scientists to offer all the benefits of isothermal LAMP (Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification) but with the addition of real time, fluorescent, multiplexed amplification. In addition Q-LAMP provides for single tube RNA amplification without the need for a reverse transcription step.

With multiple recognition events per reaction, DiaSorin Q-LAMP is highly specific and offers sensitivity on a par with real-time PCR. Detection of the amplified products is achieved through the use of Q-Primers, which are labelled with a unique fluorophore that is quenched in the presence of the target sequence. The reduction of fluorescence is used to monitor the reaction and through the use of a concept called time threshold (TT), together with known calibrators, can be used to quantify an unknown sample containing the target sequence.

Our systems are the following:

The LIAISON® Ixt system is a perfect match for the LIAISON® Iam amplification system and can extract nucleic acid from a variety of sample types. The system can also be used for separation of cells.

The LIAISON® Iam system will be offered with a variety of assays for diagnosis and monitoring of a variety of infectious diseases and onco-hematology parameters.