Changing the paradigm

A new and innovative solution, utilizing DiaSorin Q-LAMP technology, that revolutionises the molecular diagnosis of leukaemia at disease onset.
The DiaSorin solution improves laboratory workflow, provides simultaneous detection and discrimination of isoforms and helps to improve the decison making on patient care.

1. Closed–tube

Reverse Transcription of target RNA, Amplification and signal detection in a single step, closed tube format. Eliminating the need for multiple handling steps that can introduce additional risk and variability. A simple and safe approach for reliable results.

2. Multiplex

The use of multiple primer sets in the reaction allow both detection and discrimination of the targets of interest. Providing all the information you need for clinical decision making in a single reaction.

3. Internal control

A primer set to a targeted housekeeping gene sequence acts as an internal control; validating negative results and thereby decreasing the risk of false negative reporting.

4. Simplified workflow  

All components and consumables are supplied in a ready to use kit format with lyophilized reagents for a simple and rapid set-up. Improve your Lab workflow.

5. Speed of results  

Utilizing the DiaSorin Q-LAMP assay detection of the translocation can be made in less than 30 minutes, without the need for additional steps which may compromise the speed and accuracy of the result.